Five Ways Pastors Fail on Facebook.

Facebook is everywhere. Pastors can use it to reach people, but here are five ways Pastors Fail on Facebook. Liking […]

by John Gilman Jul 18
Don’t Pass On Password Managers

Password Manager programs have been around for a while. However, not many people are utilizing these programs to help protect […]

by Rachel Ankers Jul 9
Influencing Ministry Software By Becoming a CAT…

Hi. I’m Kristen and I’m a UX Designer. Typically when I tell people my job title, they look at me […]

by Rachel Ankers Jul 8
Ministry Impact Story: Downtown Presbyterian, Nashville, TN

  Historic Church, Contemporary Ministry  Downtown Presbyterian Church in Nashville, TN, is anything but typical. The congregation gathers each week […]

by Meredith Morris Jun 25
5 Words of Wisdom to Ministers on Father’s Day

The month of June is exciting for most families because it represents for many the end of school, summer break, […]

by John Gilman Jun 13
Does Your Church Need the Cloud? Part 4

Part Four: The Cloud and Involvement I know a church elder whose impressions of social media were forever ruined when his […]

by Mark Thompson Jun 13
Does Your Church Need the Cloud? Part 3

Part Three: The Cloud and Mobility Do you want a 24/7 church? That’s not a rhetorical question; it’s a stewardship […]

by Mark Thompson Jun 12
Does Your Church Need the Cloud? Part 2

Part Two: The Cloud and Security This is both a concern and an advantage with cloud computing. Read on, and […]

by Mark Thompson Jun 11
Ministry Change is like Swimming with an Alligator

Change isn’t easy, but change means you’re alive. Without change, you die. A body that isn’t changing is dead. Life […]

by John Gilman Jun 10
Does Your Church Need the Cloud? Part 1

Part One: Where the “Revolution” Stands Today There’s a lot of hope in cloud technology. And there’s just as much hype, […]

by Mark Thompson Jun 10
Avoiding Ministry Burnout

In today’s world, pastors are leaving the ministry at an alarming rate. The latest statistics show that 1,700 ministers are […]

by John Gilman Jun 5
Is it Time to Upgrade?

Polyester leisure suits and Ford Pintos were hip and popular back in the 1970’s. Thankfully, we have better options today! […]

by Meredith Morris May 14