Customer Satisfaction is the New Marketing

While I have always known that customer satisfaction is important in any business, the longer I work in the church […]

by Marvin Owen Jul 19
Biometrics and the Church?

ACS Technologies has long been a leader in church software and solutions. The marriage of ministry and technology is one […]

by Meredith Morris Jul 14
NACBA Conference

I am heading to our nation’s capital for this weekend’s conference of the National Association of Church Business Administrators. The […]

by Marvin Owen Jun 30
Are You Stressed?

One of the challenges I have faced in ministry is the enduring battle with stress. Ever wonder why you see […]

by Meredith Morris Jun 28
Right Now a Little Help Would Help

I wish that babies came with a manual. Sure, there are tons of books out there. I love to read […]

by Sally Carringer Jun 27
Product Not Being Used As Designed

There is a new trend I have noticed recently. No, it’s not the maxi dress, it’s on Facebook. The new […]

by Sally Carringer Jun 22
Are You Allergic to Anything?

There are different stages in life. There are those officially defined by events – graduations, birthdays, weddings, etc.  Then, there […]

by Sally Carringer Jun 15
It’s That Time of Year

Yesterday morning I had a bag on my kitchen counter piled full of containers of marshmallow fluff. Since it isn’t December […]

by Sally Carringer Jun 7
Staying Social

Social Media. The issue with being social is that it takes time. One of the things that was an immediate draw […]

by Sally Carringer May 24
Welcome to The Family!

Last week, we announced the acquisition of The City from Zondervan, a world leader in Christian publications. I would like […]

by Marvin Owen May 18
The City joins the ACS Technologies Team!

Some exciting news has come from our Ideas to Impact conference today in Cincinnati! Read the official press release to […]

by Meredith Morris May 11
Usability Ideas to Impact

Thanks everyone for the flood of comments regarding the release of our update to the Church Life Mobile apps last […]

by Steve Cumbia Apr 28