You don’t know what you don’t know (unless you know)

With something as important as your church management software, it seems to me that it’s worth taking the time to figure out what you don’t know. There are many ways to get information about what your ACS Technologies solutions are capable of. Here are four ideas for trying to stay in the loop.

by Marvin Owen Sep 13
Financial Peace: Giving and credit

Spending some time with Dave Ramsey will get you thinking about debt and credit.
Dave’s stance on giving is impressive—and taking the class has helped me understand another reason it’s so popular with churches.

by Meredith Morris Sep 6
Free tools for small churches: Dropbox

“Since we’re a mobile church, we used to have to wait for the pastor to show up with his jump drive,” Chris said. “Same thing with our music – we’d be waiting for the worship person to show up on Sunday mornings, hoping we’d get everything set up on time.”

by Meredith Morris Sep 1
Haven’t seen vascular biometric identification yet? It’s catching on fast.

Increasingly, churches are using vascular biometric ID at the point of entry in these areas because biometrics helps:
Increase speed of check in
Tighten security
Reduce waste and conserve resources by eliminating paper or barcode cards
Establish a tracking mechanism to keep accurate records
Boost productivity of staff

by Meredith Morris Aug 30
Play to Your Strengths

What if we designed teams based upon our strengths? Is someone on your team better at creating to-do lists and someone else better at delegation of tasks? Break those duties up appropriately.
And what if we created an IT system that relied on our strengths?

by Meredith Morris Aug 18
Infographic – The Real Cost of Data Loss

It seems like every week, there’s a new story about how insecure our computer systems can be. Check out this infographic on data loss, share it with others, and in the comments, tell us what steps you’ve taken, either with your personal computing or with your ministry, to protect your data.

by Meredith Morris Aug 16
The Best Kind of Surprises

ACS Technologies is headquartered in Florence, SC, where I live. I grew up in Texas, though. I adore much of living […]

by Sally Carringer Aug 15
Email Is Not Your Life!

I was recently on a cross-country flight where I sat next to a woman with not one, but two Blackberry […]

by Meredith Morris Aug 11
Church volunteers have needs, too!

What’s one way you set out to assure that your church volunteers are connected and satisfied so they keep coming back?

by Meredith Morris Aug 9
How to: Keep Your Church Staff Happy

Just because there’s a shared mission in a church workplace doesn’t necessarily mean people are happy with their work. It takes effort to keep church staff engaged and satisfied.
We researched some strategies for keeping your church staff happy so we could share the tips with you.

by Marvin Owen Aug 5
Step Up Your Stewardship Program (even in a tough economy)

Two years ago, when I was a reporter for a daily newspaper, I was talking to a man who works as a financial adviser for a nonprofit agency. He had retired early and now worked as a volunteer, helping people get their financial house in order. He knew a lot about economics, and he cheerfully told me that the recession was over.
“But when will it feel like it’s over?” I asked.
Confidently, he told me that it would no longer feel like a recession by the end of summer 2010.
I’m still waiting.

by Meredith Morris Aug 3
A Lost Sheep?

This past Sunday I visited a church for worship.  I was out of town and my children were with me, […]

by Sally Carringer Aug 1