The Give and Take of Giving

Your members want to be generous.  But as more of their daily activities involve smartphones and the Internet, and fewer […]

by Jan Jasmin Mar 24
From the Outside Looking in: Safe Church Buildings and Property

So far, we’ve discussed forming a church safety team and helping your church deal prepare for potential medical emergencies. However, […]

by Amy Scott-Lundy Mar 23
Financial Efficiency to Empower Your Church’s Giving and Receiving

Churches need solid financial plans. God can do anything; Money doesn’t limit Him, but you won’t be able to manage […]

by John Gilman Mar 22
Are You Giving Everyone a Big Ol’ Church Welcome?

For the sake of the story, let’s say our family moved to a new home recently, prompting many visits from […]

by John Gilman Mar 21
What Lent Means to Me

Lent is that special time of the year where for six weeks people of faith sacrifice something in their life […]

by John Gilman Mar 19
A Letter to our Clients: We Remain Dedicated to Serving You

Churches are just learning that an aggressive private equity investment firm has bought up yet another church management software company.  […]

by Marvin Owen Mar 18
Reaffirmations Friday – March 18th

Whether you’re a church Pastor, directing a ministry, or simply a volunteer, you most likely don’t have too much time […]

by John Gilman Mar 18
3 Tools Small Groups Leaders Need to Succeed

Small groups help churches grow because they help strangers become great friends. People stay at churches where they find friends […]

by John Gilman Mar 17
A Healthy Church is a Safe One: Handling Medical Incidents

In the first article of the series, we discussed establishing a church safety and security committee. Once you form a […]

by Amy Scott-Lundy Mar 16
4 Social Channels Your Church Needs to Stay Connected

“Just google it” has become my children’s standard response when trying to find the answer to a question.  The question […]

by John Gilman Mar 15
Simplifying Your Church’s 941 Submissions This Quarter

Everyone is trying to simplify processes and eliminate excess paper around the office.  Whether its staff members communicating with each […]

by Jason Jenison Mar 13
The Dream Team: Establishing a Church Safety Committee

Living in Charleston, I’ve witnessed the Emanuel AME Church tragedy’s local impact. From memorial services and fundraisers to marching band […]

by Amy Scott-Lundy Mar 12